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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 20 May 2022


In the '70s, legendary rockers Cheap Trick sang, 'I know what I want, and I know how to get it.' With Mars entering your sign, to say your focus and determination get turned up to eleven is an understatement! An assertive, courageous 'you' is often an impressive 'you.' But from this week until July 5, awareness of the line between determination and aggression is essential.


As the old song goes, 'a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.' We often underestimate how something sweet or heartfelt can take the edge off whatever's tense or uncomfortable. From this week until June 22, Venus graces your sign. You're bound to love the sweet, heartfelt and comforting developments the planet of love, creativity and money plans to bring!


Until July 5, you're reminded that success often involves who we know rather than what we know. As Mars influences the social scene and networking, you could be more willing to get yourself 'out there.' But you may also assess the effort needed to bring a cherished vision to fruition. You've thought about what you'd like to achieve. Now, it's time to see what faith-driven effort brings.


From this week and beyond, you could be increasingly aware of the strength of your support network. Friends might take a keener interest in your well-being and bring more light and lightheartedness to your world. But you can also harness a stronger glow of inspiration toward an important goal - or dream. A fresh perspective could help it to be seen as more achievable.


Adventurousness and risk-taking move to new levels until July. You have mighty, make-things-happen Mars pushing you to banish comfort zones and take risks. You have Jupiter egging Mars on to think bigger about whatever broadens your mind or gets adrenaline flowing. It could be difficult to satisfy your hunger for new experiences, but that might be something you welcome.


Partnering up could reach new, thrilling levels until July 5. Passionate Mars intensifies anything connected with what you own jointly. So, shared finances, taxes and inheritances could receive determined focus. But on a more interesting level, the passion planet wants to work magic with your libido. If your sex life has been more 'meh' than magnificent, that's about to change.


Until July 5, you may need to dig deeper to apply your balancing and harmony-creating abilities. With Mars affecting relationships and partnerships, one-to-one connections receive a massive life injection. But Mars enjoys aggressiveness and competitiveness, too. So, from this week and beyond, be prepared to dial back impulsiveness and more willing to compromise.


When you were at school, did you know a kid who was so amiable that nobody in their right mind would pick a fight with them? They drew others to them, bringing light and lightheartedness to anyone's world. Until June 22, your interactions with others could become more supportive and comforting. Don't be surprised if an adversary extends a proverbial olive branch, either.


Here's an analogy for you. Imagine someone sitting at a party, watching everybody have a good time. Somebody takes their hand, urging them onto the dance floor. The person agrees and has a great time for the rest of the night. From this week and beyond, Mars has similar plans for you. Let it show you a good time by bringing more pleasure, laughter and fun to your world!


Capricorns aren't renowned for hogging the spotlight for the sake of it. If you want to draw attention to yourself, your achievements often do the talking! But until June 22, you could want to step into a different spotlight. Expressing yourself is about to become more of a priority. A strong connection exists between something you create - or have created - and justified pride.


From this week, Mars affects how you think and communicate. Thoughts are unlikely to drift aimlessly from one to another. If you have something to say, you'll leave others in no doubt about your ability to 'say it as you see it,' too. A boost to your self-confidence when communicating is bound to be welcome. But until July, be aware of how unintentionally aggressive you could be.


From this week until June 22, you and others could be impressed with your diplomacy skills. You might say the words 'hey, let's talk about it' more frequently. But the comforting, balanced vibe you bring to discussions will be difficult for others to ignore. If you have a plan or project that involves communication, it could be difficult for others to say 'no' to that, too!


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