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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 03 December 2021


We should all pay attention more frequently to George Michael's words about having faith. But we sometimes misunderstand the difference between approaching something optimistically and applying too much focus on a specific outcome. This week, it's in your best interests to summon as much optimism as you can. Let that be the fuel needed to help the universe bring the development you need. You could find that it matches what you want.


As a certain web-slinging comic book superhero discovered, with great power comes great responsibility. Having an abundance of power is one thing. But knowing how to apply it wisely and generously is another. Take fireworks, for example. Their power is impressibly beautiful yet dangerous if misused. So, your cosmic mission this week involves accepting the power available to you but treating it respectfully, especially where one or two people are concerned.


Sometimes, it's best to allow conversations to trickle like water, finding paths of least resistance. It can be helpful to allow one topic to connect to another and then another. Before we know it, a two-way, balanced communicative connection has formed. This bodes well for it happening again in the future. It's also a strategy you'd be wise to adopt this week. An important conversation or exchange can happen. But it can be even more helpful if it's granted the freedom it needs.


When game show contestants must choose what's behind one of three doors, it's understood that one conceals a 'booby prize.' That's what adds to tension and suspense. But in the game of life, choices can never lead to regret if they're made with guidance from our hearts and pursued with unwavering faith. This week, push aside a 'once bitten, twice shy' attitude where a bold step is concerned. Nothing stops you from making the right choice if you make it in the right way.


We're encouraged to dream but with conditions attached. Someone seen to be too dreamy or idealistic is also seen as irresponsible – and often resented. Others wonder why that person should be exempt from life's harsh responsibilities. Yet, secretly we all wish life was a responsibility-free, dream-filled journey. This week, you can afford to let your mind wander as it wishes. But you're not being unrealistic. This is daydreaming with a very clear purpose.


Rarely, and unless absolutely necessary, we tolerate discomfort. Why stand when we can sit? Why experience cold when warmth is offered? But discomfort doesn't always have a physical form. It can be felt internally, emotionally. That feeling could apply to you this week if you either allow a conversation to head into uncomfortable territory or choose to involve yourself in it. That's a choice you have available, and you're not obliged to choose discomfort!


Material security is wonderful but brief. You've heard that saying, 'you can't take it with you', haven't you? Emotional security, on the other hand, is more of an unknown quantity. We take much of the love and joy we experience in this lifetime to wherever we go after it. That's not personal opinion, it's fact. So, although coming events could boost your material or financial comfort, it's what you stand to gain on an emotional level that really matters.


I've always been amazed at how skilled Scorpios are as detectives or employed in a role that requires them to spot when someone's trying to be deceptively clever. The thing is, you'll spot the truth in a situation but won't let it be known. You'll keep it to yourself until you sense the time is right to bring it into the open. This week, you could feel a similar strategy is needed. Revealing a truth might be timely and helpful. But you'd be wise to choose the moment carefully.


The phrase, 'a web of lies' is very pictorial. It suggests one lie connects to another. To cover up both, another lie must be created, and so on. So, it's only a matter of time before someone who has countless lies to remember slips up and must come clean. This week, you could deal with deceptive circumstances that are confusing and possibly frustrating. As long as you play a part in bringing truth to the equation, you'll avoid the stress those who don't will likely experience!


Many lottery winners are unhappy. You and I might not make sense of how or why that happens. But does the guarantee of financial security not create opportunities that wouldn't have been available otherwise? Success and happiness depend entirely on attitude in the same way deflation and disappointment do. So, this week, it's important you don't misinterpret a sense of intense change as a backward step. With the right attitude, you'll see how positive – and helpfully transformational – it is.


I've always liked the old saying, 'if you want to soar with eagles, don't mix with turkeys in the barnyard.' That's another way of saying we're known by the company we keep. But from a young age, we're also encouraged to assess whether we're a leader or follower. How much conflicting advice can we handle? This week, you need to be nothing more than your authentic self. Don't be concerned about 'fitting in' or 'people-pleasing.' Just be YOU.


Sometimes, when a traffic light turns green, we wonder why there is a lengthy delay moving forward. Is a driver yakking away to a person next to them or too busy looking at a phone? We want to make progress but experience an obstacle we have no control over. This week, the universe appears to appreciate your patience where an important aspiration is concerned. It agrees that you deserve to move forward. So, prepare to see one hurdle to progress finally removed!


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