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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 20 May 2022


Your assertiveness and determination levels escalate significantly from this week until July 5 as Mars enters your sign. So, although you might have no problem whatsoever with stating clearly what you want romantically or intimately, you could be overpowering in other ways. You can either harness this fervent energy pleasurably or aggressively. Choose pleasurably!


A wave of relief and comfort permeates your world, and your love life is no exception. Your ruling planet, Venus, enters your sign, helping you feel balanced and love yourself more. Until June 22, your pulling power and attractiveness receive a significant boost. So, whether you're single or attached, the adoration, admiration, and affection coming your way will be unignorable!


Until July 5, make-things-happen Mars affects the social scene and networking, offering wonderful knock-on effects to your love life. You could do a lot worse than have the passion planet boosting proactivity to meet, mingle and connect! Attached? Don't rule out the possibility of meeting somebody who can play a part in moving a goal you share with a partner forward.


If you're single and sensed passionate potential with someone you have your eye on, you could discover you were wise to trust your instincts! Until June 22, Venus affects hopes, dreams and wishes. Friends could play a part in a romantic development, too. Attached? Feeling inspired and comforted by what you have together could be the catalyst for bringing more to be proud of.


Scream if you want to go faster! Until July, Mars affects adventures and mind expansion. So, your desire for new romantic and intimate experiences could go through the roof. Single? Action could replace thinking with thrilling, spontaneous love or intimacy you've dreamt of. Attached? An adventurous plan could prove to be more adrenaline-inducing than you thought!


Until early July, passionate and libido-enhancing Mars works some magic with your sex life. Attached? More frequent passion in your connection is bound to bring you closer. Single? You could draw a firm conclusion regarding what you want and need intimately. You could also be surprised at and delighted with what making your needs known to someone brings you!


Until early July, passionate Mars affects partnerships and one-to-one connections. Attached? Whatever may have ticked along comfortably or predictably is about to receive a wave of fervent energy to shake it up! Single? You're unlikely to sit on the sidelines and hope love comes to you. The desire to be more proactive to satisfy your heart's needs is about to be boosted – tenfold!


Until June 22, love and comfort planet Venus affects relationships, commitments and one-to-one connections. Attached? The vibe between you and a partner will become sweeter, more harmonious, with a lovely added dash of romance. Single? The chances of meeting someone loyal, romantic, and sensual with whom a long-term bond can be formed are high!


Love and romance have a slightly edgier feel or vibe until early July. You could find urgency and lust feature more frequently with matters of the heart, too. Whether you're single or attached, your forthrightness could be alluring. But remember that just because you want it - whatever 'it' might be – there and then doesn't mean somebody else is immediately ready, willing and able.


Until June 22, love planet Venus affects all things romantic. You know you possess an awesome ability to convey romantic thoughts and feelings in ways that would make a romance novelist jealous. So, show someone special what you can do! Single? The love-gods support your quest for a lover – and a connection formed during this time has 'long-term' written all over it!


'Oh, did I just say that?' You might think or say those words from this week until early July. Passionate Mars affects how you think and communicate. So, inhibitions surrounding stating what you want to experience romantically or intimately could vanish. Whether you're solo or spoken-for, thinking and talking dirty could profoundly affect you more than anyone else!


Ah, your romantic qualities shine until June 22. Venus affects how you think and communicate, and if you didn't already possess the ability to express love like a poet, you're about to! Single? Venus affects your nearby community and short-distance travel. Love could be on your doorstep. If you thought you'd go for a quick jaunt or excursion on your own, well, you might not return alone!


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