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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 03 December 2021


Wow, talk about cosmic and divine support! Whether you're single or attached, the universe and love gods have your back with matters of the heart this week. But both can only assist you if you do two things. The first involves accepting that you're entitled to an abundance of love and intimacy in your world. The second surrounds adopting an open mind and seeing what some faith-driven, passionate effort brings you. You won't be disappointed!


This week, you have the two cosmic passionate heavyweights, Mars and Pluto, working on your behalf. These two are essential for creating intense, red-hot energy and your wish is their command. But it's essential that you choose how to harness this wisely. Mars and Pluto can also be similar to a volcano erupting on a nuclear testing ground. You could be just as likely to experience something lustfully delicious as you are tension you may never forget.


Conversations could achieve new levels of depth and intimacy. But that doesn't mean they'll be plain sailing or without some level of tension. That old saying about 'clearing the air' applies. So, even if a discussion or an exchange heads into unwanted heated territory, something positive can result. You might have some explaining to do, especially if a lover or partner doesn't understand your train of thought. But you both look set to finally gain a shared, realistic understanding.


Love and intimacy could go off the scale this week! Mars heats up true love and heartfelt expression while Pluto waits to transform a special bond or partnership. They create a delightful blend of love and lust, whether you're solo or spoken-for. Something may never be the same between you and one lucky person, but for reasons likely to make you smile for a long time to come!


Matters of the heart could be noticeably more fantasy-based. You could prefer to have your head in the clouds rather than remain tethered to reality. But too much dreaminess could result in your being brought back to Earth with an uncomfortable bump. Single? You believe in that old saying about something (or someone) appearing too good to be true, don't you? Attached? Overcommitting yourself or overpromising a lover are distinct possibilities. So, be careful!


Communication could be seriously skewed this week. Although a lover could be involved, it might also apply to others in your world who you're close to, like family. But you can be The Sensible One, who accepts that you deal with confusing, blurred energy with many facts missing. That means pushing for progress could result only in hitting communicative brick walls. You and anyone you're close to have other topics to talk about. So, try to leave this one be, for now.


Whether you're single or attached, the universe is determined to strengthen your emotional foundations. Of course, every Libran will have their own story to tell. There's a strong possibility of financial security within a love relationship. There's an equally strong chance of home or family-related progress. So, a powerful blend of energies affecting your bank balance and domestic setup could ease pressure in your emotional world and set your love life on a new trajectory!


This week, where a particular conversation is concerned, it's a case of 'better out than in.' But this chat or exchange probably won't be without its share of emotional intensity. So, try to summon as much compassion and patience as you can now for later! You may have no issue with bringing a matter into the open. However, the one you love might struggle to summon similar strength or vulnerability. So, take the lead in discussing whatever-it-is, hug it out and move on.


Getting through the other side of this week requires you to do three things. Speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That might not pose too much of a problem on your part, But you could deal with other blurred or deceptive influences in your emotional world that mean one or two others aren't as upfront with you. It also means conversations with a lover could go off on bizarre tangents. So, be prepared to summon the necessary patience to be heard and understood.


Capricorn is where the romantic action is this week! Venus in your sign gets nice and close with Pluto, also in Capricorn. If you're single, then this is the stuff that love at first sight is made of. But lust might play a part in forming a bond first. The 'lust gods' may have to move out of the way for the love gods! Attached? Passionate mojos could be seriously stoked. Rather than wonder how a spark becomes a flame suddenly, seize this cosmically-supported opportunity for mindblowing intimacy!


This is a week to keep intense conversations to a minimum – or, better still, avoid them. Even what might be a civil, straightforward discussion could go off on a tangent that leaves you wondering how it happened. If you want romantic or relationship advice, don't believe others in your world are reliable sources for answers, either. So, try to be more of a listener or an observer during the coming days. You could end the week grateful that you steered clear of certain exchanges.


This week, you're blessed with Venus and Pluto working some real magic with what ancient astrologers called 'hopes, friends and wishes.' So, if you're single, a friendship could transform and in a way that might have delightful dreamy qualities! Attached? A shared, cherished aspiration could move forward in a way that not only needs celebrating but strengthens your connection - amazingly!


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