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While the Moon begins the week in your work sector it will leave on Monday, with its visit over the weekend grazing the early hours of the new week. However, this will not only give you an intuitive read on what your body is telling you from the start but on how far you can or can't push yourself. As is always the case with the Moon you can simply pay attention to at the time and then make sense of the messages or take action after it has left the better. Meanwhile, you should notice a new spring in your step in the second half of the week.


The Moon will not only return to your health sector on Monday, where it will spend the first three days of the week it is making its first visit since the last planet left just over three weeks earlier. As always, when the Moon moves through your health sector each month this will give you a better read on what your body is telling you but also on how far you can and can't push yourself. This time this is also a chance to revisit and revise some of the resolutions you may have made over recent months, refining them into something more realistic.


As Mars moves into his final two weeks in your health sector on Monday he is free from the restraints or the more sensible approach that the Sun and Mercury required before leaving last week. With your healthy resolutions banked, knowledge in your back pocket and an awareness of your health needs and priorities, Mars is free to go off script. Mars' focus is more on movement, so if you start to feel restless dust off those walking shoes or your gym card and scratch that itch. With Mars only here for another two weeks, there is a need to catch hold of his enthusiasm before it wanes.


The week begins with the Sun and Mercury aligned in your health sector, putting you in the driver's seat from the start. While the Sun shines the solar spotlight on your health needs, situation and matters, Mercury is making it easier to become informed, gain information or even make bookings or appointments. Anything that involves information and communication. They will be joined by the Moon over the weekend, something that will do more than give you a better read on what your body is telling you. It is Saturday's eclipsing New Moon that will offer a chance for a reset.


By the time Venus forms a friendly aspect to the Moon on Monday, the planet of beauty has been in your health sector for 24 days and that is significant. Typically it will take Venus 24 days to move through your health sector and in that time she will not only fuel a desire to look and feel good but the confidence to follow this through. However, it is the Moon's intuitive edge that will pick up on a lack of urgency and instead, the first signs that Venus is slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn that will not only keep her here until March but will let the other planets catch up.


On Monday Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion but also the largest and most powerful planet in the solar spotlight, with a massive amount of gravitational pull, will move into his final month in your health sector. This is a time for investing in your future by investing into your body now what you can reap later. Jupiter is not a planet of quick fixes but he is a planet that will ensure that you will reap what you sew, with the more you can invest in something, in this case your own health and wellbeing, the more you will enjoy the rewards later. However, more of nothing is still nothing so it requires some effort.


This is a week of two halves as far as your energy levels are concerned though each is equally therapeutic for its own reasons. The week begins with Neptune dead in the water ahead of his direct turn in your health sector on Thursday. While you might be feeling unmotivated and even lazy, a friendly aspect to Mars is making this a pleasant experience and one that you will be more willing to relax into. This is something that can really recharge your batteries, with your motivation and energy levels picking up when Neptune turns direct on Thursday.


While there are no major changes on the health front this week and a nostalgic and reflective Moon from Monday to Wednesday may even put how far you can and can't push yourself to the test. However, while this is because the Moon will clash with both planets in your health sector as it moves through, it comes just as the Sun moves into a much friendly aspect. This will not only give you the confidence to listen to what your body is telling you but in a black and white way that leaves no room for should do's. If your body is telling you something, that is what it is telling you.


While Uranus, still the only planet in your health sector is still in retrograde motion and will be for the rest of the year and this is giving you less energy than you think you need, a friendly aspect to the Moon over the weekend leaves you with the confidence to sit with this. There is no yardstick that you are being measured by and telling yourself what you should be doing means that you are operating out of your head instead of listening to what your body is telling you. How far you can and can't push yourself could be put to the test on Thursday and Friday but in a way that simply makes you more informed.


While the month long wind down of your old solar year can take the wind out of your sails, with the only planet in your health sector in retrograde motion there is nothing to prove and nothing telling you to push yourself. Instead, it is more likely to be the other way round, with the final weeks of your old solar year a valuable chance to recharge your batteries and to rest up before embarking on a new solar year. As the lunar nodes have been policing how far you can and can't push yourself, it comes down to listening to and trusting your body.


While the Moon left your health sector last Monday, a week on and with no planetary activity here, this has left you with an intuitive read on what your body is telling you that you can continue to rely on. The Moon comes around every four weeks and is only here for a few days and that is supposed to keep you connected until it returns. The key to maintaining that connection is to keep listening to your body rather than the voice in your head but also to pay as much attention to rest as you do to a need for movement or the right nutrition. There is nothing more empowering than a good night's sleep or quality time out.


While the Moon is no longer in your health sector as you move into the new week it only left over the weekend and with no planetary activity here, this was a valuable chance to check in. As always, when the Moon moves through your health sector each month this will give you a better read on what your body is telling you but also on how far you can and can't push yourself. On the other side, this is something that you are still processing and might be put to the test as you not only move into the working week but into what is likely to be a busy week.


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