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English Daily Woman Horoscopes - Friday 3 December


You're accomplished, capable of carrying out many tasks as you help those who ask for your assistance. You make a considerable contribution towards their progress without demanding anything in return. The generosity you show brings you a great deal of respect. The relaxed atmosphere you create enables you to become more involved with others and cooperate decisively with them in the future.


However difficult, you remain in control, handling your resources economically. Being in demand is taking up more of your energy than usual and you have to say no occasionally to take a mental break from the demands made of you. Not everyone is satisfied with the personal time you allocate to them. The approach you decide to take gets you through this phase without encountering too many problems.


Refusing to be overwhelmed by problematic events you find rather displeasing, especially when certain circumstances seem unfair and people undermine your position. You decline to get entangled in unnecessary conflict. Even though you feel somewhat insecure and overly demanding of attention from your loved ones, instead you decide to take things at a slower pace and try to unwind and relax.


Certain circumstances you encounter may be disruptive. You stay out of the way and keep your head down, hoping to avoid any unsettling consequences. You continue to be careful with your commitments and are reluctant to spend too much time before making your preferences known. Where love is concerned there’s no need to panic, changes for the better are just as likely to occur.


You forge ahead with your plans at breakneck pace and are willing to assist others when they need help. Thinking clearly you feel a real sense of achievement. You don't get too full of yourself but remain level headed. You enjoy being at the heart of the action and don’t have to do too much to attract attention. Your love prospects improve as a result of a renewed zest for life.


You discover not everyone has your interests at heart – they sometimes act in an underhand way. With faith in your capabilities you remain composed and unruffled by events. Being aware of these possibilities helps you feel safe. You ensure calm secure surroundings for yourself and your partner. If single, you stay at home and enjoy some pleasant relaxation, winding down and you look after your health.


Dwelling on the past, you miss out on the future. Forget bad memories that feature with such regularity. Take positive steps towards the many exciting experiences out there waiting for you. Learn to share time with people close to you who are able to help you dispel fears and insecurities. Sharing how you feel with others strengthens determination and cements friendships too.


However you take steps to do it, when you break your routine you're rewarded accordingly. Sometimes it’s enough just to take a different route home or spend some quality time for yourself to unwind and reflect on more personal matters. If you feel more outgoing, don’t go straight home after work, round off the day with a visit to the gym or arrange to meet up with your friends.


At last you put an end to a dream and instead allow it to become a reality. The more perceptive side of your nature enables you to use all your persuasive powers to convince other people of your plans and ideas. They're impressed with your considerable insight and understanding. It does no harm to be regarded as a leader in your own right and your confidence and self-esteem sores.


You finally cross the line in your personal race. Too much time has been spent working alone on a project without finishing it, for fear it might not be perfect. Forget about your fears. You’re good and so is your work. Getting others on board, sharing ideas helps boost progress and your self-confidence. Letting others be a part is beneficial - they complement you on your achievement.


You radiate charm, your smile is disarming and very little prevents you from getting your way or using your energy to begin those tasks you've avoided for so long. Whether you initiate new projects or finish old ones, the encouragement you receive from loved ones makes you all the more determined to succeed. You're able to dedicate more time to looking after your family.


You experience first-hand that life isn’t always a pleasant experience. But you don’t despair, instead you remain optimistic and take pleasure in the smallest of delights. Retaining composure and a positive outlook in the midst of others frustrations helps boost your ego and allows you to deal with unexpected situations with head held high and a smile on your face.


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