Horoscopes/Astrology Generation Engine

A unique astrology/horoscope system for your website.

Give content free to visitors and generate revenue selling horoscope/astrology reports.

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Free Content

Using the integration guide which comes as part of the software package.

Use these range of features to add content to your website and make your visitors stay longer and revisit more often. The short giveaway astrology report versions help to promote and sell the full versions which create revenue for your company.

  • Personal Daily Forecasts, each visitor receives a report unique to them.
  • Chartwheels.
  • Short Versions of the reports to sell.
  • Horoscope chart data and planetery positions.
  • Create your own report to give away including your own promotional material
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Horoscope Feeds about love, fashion, money and more please ask.
  • Comprehensive range of pre-writen astrology reports you can offer for sale.
  • Your own report texts can be used for the system.
  • Spanish report modules. We can supply other language astrology reports and horoscopes..
  • Large profits generated as system automatically deals with sales and delivers horoscopes and reports to your customers.

Horoscopes to sell

Sell detailed astrology/horoscope reports about personal understanding, relationships, sexuality and the future.on your website. The design and style of the reports are easily customised. Horoscopes are delivered online directly to your client no interaction from you is required.



  • Online account checking to see how many sales you have made.
  • Unlimited support via email and phone. Updates and fixes online.
  • All software contains World Atlas and Ephemeris data.
  • Customise or write your own interfaces, supplied with sample forms to access the report engine.
  • Worldpay or Paypal integration to handle online payments.
    (Other payment gateways can be used)
  • Detailed documentation on how to integrate with your website.
  • ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and Perl versions available.


Access the demo above to test the free chart analysis and personal daily forecasts


View full range of sample astrology reports you can sell and product discription in our demo web store

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