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English Weeky Money Horoscopes - 29 November 2021


Right now you should only really purchase what you can afford. It´s all too easy to throw caution to the wind with time on your hands and indulge in spontaneous purchases or risky investments, which you will later regret. Leave some time for larger investments. As you become more rational, you´ll see how easy it is to lose control and save yourself sleepless nights.


Even if you feel like spending spontaneously and want to fulfil highflying wishes, take a more patient and cautious approach. The stars indicate risks and losses. Wait until this air of uncertainty clears before you take out any loans or make investments, since you´re tending to be more impulsive, throwing caution to the wind. It makes more sense to step back and thoroughly rethink your approach.


Financially speaking, this is not the best time for large investments or purchases. Don´t be too trusting if someone tries to persuade you into something. The best strategy is self-composure. Take your time about all the options and decisions instead of rushing in. Those who have your best interests at heart will accept this instead of putting you under any unnecessary pressure.


The stars are shining brightly on your financial affairs. It's a good time to make purchases and investments and you could also take this opportunity to ask the boss for a rise. If you put forward good arguments, the chances of your efforts being rewarded look very favourable indeed. Dare to dream. It's worth a try in any case.


Pay attention to how your finances are developing. Stay away from spontaneous purchases or investments. The current star constellation tends to push you towards hasty decisions like these. Take time to think and discuss your plans with people you trust. You´ll soon see things more clearly and be relieved that you reconsidered them.


The stars have a benign influence on your finances, and you can afford something really nice. You may have some unexpected additional income or receive loaned money. The time is ripe for making money-spinning investments. Read up on the pros and cons of all the options, and in case of doubt, get advice from experts you trust.


Income and expenses are well balanced and you may have noticed that your finances are doing well. To keep it that way, you should take time to check your investments. You might find even more profitable options without taking unnecessary risks. You have a good understanding of your finances and can prepare for the future.


You seem to be a sure bet in money matters. You may receive unexpected income or support from friends. Don´t get used to this treatment, as it won´t last forever. Keep both feet on the ground and only reckon with the money you normally have at your disposal. Above all, don´t rush into financial decisions.


Good business deals improve your finances. You are skilled enough to make the most of your money. Your pro-active, optimistic attitude pays off, so you can afford to buy a few things you otherwise wouldn´t dream of. Enjoy this phase, but keep your feet on the ground and don´t overdo things.


It´s definitely worth reflecting on your income, investments and savings. You are lucky and can afford to have a flutter – within certain limits. Don´t go on a wild spree, though, but deal with your money sensibly. Remain open for advice from good friends and acquaintances – some new, interesting ideas may result.


Now is not the best time to be making larger purchases. Try and take a step back and get all the information you can before making a decision. Otherwise, you might end up with something that´s less valuable than you thought. You should be more rational and patient with your finances than usual, even if a bargain seems just too good to turn down. Don't let temptation get the better of you.


If you´re receiving unexpected bonuses or funds from investments, make the most of it and treat yourself and your loved ones to something special. Put a little away because these good times won’t last forever. One definitely doesn´t exclude the other. Maybe you´ll get some good tips so be sure to examine them all thoroughly.


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